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Fast red GL base
【Names of Product】 4-Methyl-2-nitroaniline
【CAS#】 89-62-3
【EINECS#】 201-924-9
【Molecular Formula】 C7H8N2O2
【Molecular Weight】 152.15
【Structure Formula】
【Quality standard】
Standard  Testing
Orange powder visual estimation
Amino value
99.00%min titration
98.00%min HPLC
Initial melting point
Weight lose after dry 0.50%max  
【 Application 】 Mainly used for pigment yellow 1# & pigment red 3#.
【 Package 】

25KG plastic woven bags, 100KG fiber drums.Other packing available at customer’s request.

【Storage & Transportation】 Stored in dry and ventilate place. Keep away from moisture and sulphide.

NOTE: Can be supplied according to customers requirement.


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